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About FireSmart Interagency Cooperation

A successful community FireSmart program requires engagement and strong partnerships. Elected officials, community planners, developers, government, industry and residents all have an important role to play.

Public education is one of the most challenging components of creating a FireSmart community as many residents do not understand the local threat from wildfire and assume emergency services will be able to protect the community during a wildland urban interface wildfire (WUI) event.

The practice of FireSmart deals with complex problems that require a collaborative approach to solve. The ongoing education of all stakeholders is critical to ensure informed decisions are being made. An educated group of stakeholders will help to build support for the adoption of FireSmart principles, which can be costly and time consuming. Transparency during the community FireSmart planning process can also go a long way in increasing interest and knowledge of the general public; and a greater overall understanding of FireSmart principles will ultimately improve efficiency of implementing mitigative strategies.

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