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We need your help. You have a chance to help us to reduce the threat of wildfires in neighbourhoods across Canada. Not only will your support help to lessen the impacts of wildland/urban interface fire but it will also provide your organization with recognition, networking and collaboration opportunities, sharing of best practices, programs, and technology. The use of Partners in Protection Canada copyright material and trademark logos as per our policy on acceptable use of same and possible opportunities for advertising on our website.

Do you have an idea or a project to provide awareness or education in FireSmart in mind? We can help by promoting, facilitating and engaging partners to make your ideas reality.

The Partners in Protection Association 2007 Business Plan “Into the Future” ratified several strategic goals, including one “To lead a national initiative in the development of a wildland/urban interface partnership in Canada”.

Toward that goal Partners in Protection has achieved the following successes:

The 2007 Business plan also identified that PIP needed to become financially independent and must increase its base of financial and collaborative support beyond that of wildland fire agencies. In order to achieve its business plan objectives and ensure long-term success with its accomplishments and outreach, PIP is actively trying to engage potential funding partners – including other government agencies, organizations, industry, businesses, and fire, and emergency management agencies, that share common interests in safety in the wildland/urban interface.

Partners in Protection needs to secure funding in order to continue doing the good work that it has been doing, and we need dedicated funds for personnel and resources.  Partners in Protection is a unique organization within Canada and has the opportunity to make a difference to neighbourhoods by providing educational materials, and a way to recognize their efforts.

Our sponsorship program is organized into five categories; Platinum, Gold, Silver, Project, and Members. The program will provide sponsors with a number of benefits depending on their level of sponsorship. These funding amounts are subject to change over time as may be approved by the Board of Directors. The association is also open to ideas and suggestions from prospective sponsors.

Sponsorship will be used to cover the cost of establishing PIP as a national non-profit association. This category will be available for one year (renewable if required or could later become a Platinum level). Funding could also be used for the development of the FireSmart Neighbourhoods Recognition Program.

Surplus money will be used to support the development of the FireSmart website.

Sponsorship will be used for the development and maintenance of the FireSmart website. Surplus money will be used for general operating costs including development and maintenance of the FireSmart Neighbourhoods Recognition program.

Sponsorship will be directed toward the general operation and administration of the Association’s business.

Sponsorship will be directed toward the development of new FireSmart programs and materials or to update existing programs and materials targeted by the contributor and deemed to complement the overall FireSmart program by the PIPC Board of Directors.

Sponsorship will be used to promote membership benefits.

Costs include administration and legal fees for registration, copyright and branding of PIPC.

Costs include: Contract website development. Annual website provider and domain fees. Maintenance and upgrades.

Costs include: contract fees for Executive Director and required support staff, office and storage space, telephone, computer, postal and office supplies. Support media engagement, continued outreach, conference travel and presentations.

Costs include Contracts for professional production of print and electronic media. Adaption of other organization materials (e.g. Firewise proprietary materials). Upgrading expo display.

Costs include Board expenses and communications Membership benefits. Annual General Meeting.

Sponsor Benefits

Sponsorship Level Founding Gold Silver Project Member
Membership Networking and collaboration opportunities. Sharing of best practices, programs and technology. Use of PIPC copyright material and trademark logos as per policy on acceptable use of same. X X X X X
Secure membership Page with web links. X X X X X
Registration for AGM. X X X X X
Free or reduced cost of PIPC materials. X X X X X
Recognition on Sponsorship web page to include; display logo with web link, and space for member profile. Corporate advertising. Recognition of sponsors at all Association events and Annual general meetings. X X X
Sponsors dedicated group space which could include a dedicated blog site, discussion forum, and/or calendar (e.g. supplier’s group). X X X
Ongoing recognition as founding sponsor. X X
Logo display on home page to recognize website sponsorship. X
Recognition of project sponsorship on website and logos on printed and electronic products. X

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