FireSmart Home Partners is a voluntary property assessment program that helps residents identify specific actions and upgrades they can take on their property to reduce wildfire risks. This program is currently offered only in British Columbia.

The program’s primary purpose is to engage homeowners in voluntary wildfire mitigation activities by offering a professional home assessment with property-specific recommendations. This approach provides them with a comprehensive FireSmart road map for their property.

Conducted by formally trained and qualified fire service professionals, the assessment accurately evaluates a home and property for wildfire exposure, while engaging the homeowner in their unique risk and ways to reduce it.

 All data is collected by a mobile device and the homeowner will receive a detailed report outlining the action items for their property. When a property owner meets all mitigation criteria – they will receive a mitigation certificate confirming that they met the FireSmart best practices on their property. The certificate can be used to receive a discount on home insurance (subject to insurance agency participation).

FireSmart Canada has developed a comprehensive training program to prepare fire service professionals and local authority representatives to deliver this program. This training offers an online portion for specialists to go through the theoretical components of the course and an in-person practical course.

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