P eople living in forested areas need to be aware of the threat of wildfire, and actions they can take to make their homes and neighbourhoods FireSmart.

FireSmart Canada has developed educational programs to help homeowners.

Wildfire Community Preparedness Day

The actions you take on Wildfire Community Preparedness Day can make a difference in the survival of your home and neighbourhood if a wildfire occurs.

Neighbourhood Recognition Program

Citizen involvement is the cornerstone of the FireSmart Canada Neighbourhood Recognition Program.

If you live in a region susceptible to wildfires, you and your neighbours will learn how to decrease the risk of losing your homes, and how to best protect yourselves in the event of a wildfire.

Advanced Home Assessment Program

With the Advanced Home Assessment Program, you can get your home assessed by a trained professional to identify steps you can take to reduce your wildfire risk.

Home Partners Program

Residents in British Columbia can have an assessment conducted on their property to identify specific actions and upgrades they can take to reduce wildfire risk and potentially qualify for an insurance discount.