A FireSmart yard includes making smart choices for your plants, shrubs, grass and mulch. Selecting fire resistant plants and materials can increase the likelihood of your home surviving a wildfire. Ensure there is a 1.5 metre horizontal non-combustible surface perimeter along the outer walls of the primary structure (house).

Landscaping within 10 metres

Plant a low density of fire-resistant plants and shrubs. Avoid having any woody debris, including mulch, as it provides potential places for fires to start.

Characteristics of fire-resistant plants

• Moist, supple leaves
• Accumulates minimal dead vegetation
• Water-like sap with little odour
• Low amount of sap or resin material

Characteristics of highly flammable plants

• Leaves or needles are aromatic
• Accumulates fine, dry, dead material
• Contain resin or oils
• Loose papery or flaky bark

Plants to avoid

• Cedar
• Juniper
• Pine
• Tall grass
• Spruce


A mowed lawn is a fire resistant lawn. Grasses shorter than 10 centimetres in height are less likely to burn intensely.