FireSmart Canada

FCC Workshop Details


Specific joining instructions will be provided by the workshop presenter – the Local FireSmart Representative.


Upon arrival at the workshop participants will receive a complete binder package with printed copies of all workshop documents, brochures, handouts and the FireSmart Canada Community Recognition Program User Reference Guide.


The Workshop Syllabus features 5 Workshop Modules each with a specific set of Learning Objectives.

  • Module 1 - Workshop Introduction - WUI Issues
  • Module 2 - WUI Hazard Assessment and FireSmart Solutions
  • Module 3 - Overview of the FireSmart Canada Community Recognition Program
  • Module 4 - Implementing Solutions and Applying for Recognition
  • Module 5 - Workshop Review and Wrap-up

I am committed to all of the above.

— Kelsey Alec, Community Member, Ts'kw'aylaxw First Nation, British Columbia