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21 Mar 2017 - 22 Mar 2017
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Provincial Fire Centre, Hwy #2 North
Prince Albert, Saskatchewan



Fire response and land or municipal managers familiar with wildland/urban interface (WUI) issues and FireSmart principles that wish to implement the FireSmart Canada Community Recognition Program (FCCRP) in their jurisdiction by serving as Local FireSmart Representatives (LFR`s) are the primary target audience.


Wildland fire management agency / Municipal fire department staff
Emergency Management agency staff
Rural or urban planners or managers
Office of the Fire Commissioner/Fire Marshall agency staff
WUI specialists (e.g. RPF's, RFT's, other land specialists with wildland fire responsibilities)

Note:  A shorter duration (1/2 day) 'FireSmart Community Champion' workshop is also offered as a component of the FCCRP and will be delivered subsequently by LFR's in their respective jurisdictions. Persons wishing to be involved in the FCCRP but who do not have a professional affiliation with WUI fire protection / prevention / planning are advised to enroll in the Community Champion workshop when offered in their community.



This workshop has been developed to assist community leaders and fire professionals to become familiar with and implement all components of the FireSmart Canada Community Recognition Program. The training provided in this two-day workshop will also equip you – the Local FireSmart Representative ‑ with an understanding of current wildland/urban interface concepts and wildfire hazard assessments,  with tools and skills to recruit and motivate volunteer community leaders, and mentoring abilities to work with self-organized groups of citizens as they plan and implement wildfire mitigations in their own neighbourhoods.


This workshop has been developed by the Partners in Protection Association ‑ an association of municipal, provincial/territorial and federal agencies, organizations and individuals dedicated to reducing the risk of wildfire losses in Canada's wildland/urban interface areas.

In 1999 Partners in Protection published a comprehensive manual ‑ FireSmart:  Protecting Your Community from Wildfire and has been on the leading edge of interface fire protection in Canada ever since. The FireSmart Canada Community Recognition Program is the second major component of the FireSmart Canada Initiative being promoted by the Association, and has been developed for presentation across Canada.

Local FireSmart Representatives are the key facilitators of the FireSmart Canada Community Recognition Program. They are the primary catalyst for achieving its greater goal of motivating and engaging citizens to plan and take action towards reducing wildfire losses. The FCCRP is “grassroots”, and especially effective on private land in the wildland/urban interface, beyond the reach of agency driven wildfire hazard mitigation programs on public lands. This workshop evolved from a prototype delivered at Kamloops, B.C. in April, 2012.


The FCCRP – LFR workshop will:

Enhance participant understanding of wildland fire behavior, how homes and structures are threatened by wildfire - and ignite, how to systematically recognize wildfire hazards in the WUI, and the full range of FireSmart mitigations for reducing wildfire risk to the WUI.
Enable participants to apply or at least understand the wildland fire hazard assessment process and appropriate mitigation measures available to individual or small groups of homes in ways that will aid residents in working together to reduce wildfire risks at the neighbourhood scale.

Provide an overview of FCCRP components, step-by-step procedures for implementing the FCCRP, and examples and exercises that develop the skills required to make it work effectively in your jurisdiction.

Prepare you to fulfill all LFR duties, or contract assistance in support of the FCCRP and agency wildfire protection goals in the greater community.

Provide you with the communication tools required (i.e. a delivery ready mini-workshop) to recruit, inform and motivate area residents and assist Community Champions to take the lead in organizing their neighbours to take collective actions that reduce the potential for wildfire losses.

The workshop consists of a series of thirteen interactive classroom modules with exercises that cover critical WUI background information, the 8-step FireSmart Canada Community Recognition Program, and material to facilitate and deliver future Community Champion workshops.

This workshop spans two full days with sessions running each day from approximately 0800 to 1630 inclusive of bio-breaks and lunch.

DAY 1 begins at 8:30 AM sharp on Tuesday March 21, 2017 and ends at 4:30 PM.

DAY 2 of the workshop begins at 8:30 AM on Wednesday, March 22, 2017 and ends at 4:30 PM.


Prior to arriving at the LFR Workshop, participants are encouraged to review Chapters 1 to 3 of the FireSmart manual (i.e. FireSmart: Protection Your Community from Wildfire) and the brochure “Becoming a Recognized FireSmart Community” on the website noted above.


Upon arrival at the workshop, participants will receive a complete binder package with printed copies of all workshop documents and materials required for the course (pens and/or pencils excepted).


The Workshop Syllabus features 13 workshop modules each with a specific set of Learning Objectives as outlined on the following page.

These modules are divided into three major workshop sections. In order of presentation, these are:

1.WUI Primer – Workshop Modules 2 – 6 – addresses Workshop Obj. #1

Content:  Wildfire and WUI fire, FireSmart mitigations

2.FCCRP – Workshop Modules 7 – 11 – addresses Workshop Obj. #2 - 4

Content:  FCCRP structure and details

3.Champion program – Workshop Module 12 – addresses Workshop Obj. #5

Content:  Champion program