FireSmart Canada

Become FireSmart: Educate your community

Citizen engagement is the cornerstone of working towards FireSmart communities. Partners in Protection Canada has developed a number of educational materials to help you share the FireSmart message with your community.

Help your community to become a recognized FireSmart community. Help you and your neighbours develop knowledge and skills to prepare for a wildfire before it occurs. The program draws on community spirit, its resolve, and its willingness to take responsibility to for reducing the risk of wildfire.

Don’t know if your community is susceptible to wildfire? Complete the wildfire neighbourhood assessment and find out your risk. Work with your local wildfire management agency to help you understand your risk.

Useful Resources

I am committed to always keep a watchful eye on fire pits and burn barrels when they are in use.

— Barbara Prescott, Community Member, Yellowhead County, Alberta